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  "Our number one priority is to provide alternative treatment and pain relief options for not only patients seeking natural remedies to various health issues, but also, to promote preventative care and longevity through acupuncture and herbal solutions"

*** Please note that for LivingSocial/Amazon clients, the price of the coupon does not include tip for our therapists. In order to continue providing excellent service on promotional deals, we request that clients tip our therapists on the FULL VALUE of the therapy ($90). They are doing their best in providing top notch treatment. Please Do Not Be Late To Your Appointment! WE WILL HAVE TO RESCHEDULE IF MORE THAN 15 MINS LATE. This is to make it fair for customers who arrive on time. Thank you for your cooperation and patronage -- Dr. Yu

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Liquid Herbal Extract Formulas

Liquid Herbal Extract Formulas