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Mitsui Onnetsu Heat Therapy Device - KMW-2000

MITSUI ONNETSU Corporation was established in 1996 with the introducition of the highly successful MITSUI ONNETSUKI, founded by Ms. Tomeko Mitsui (1915~2001). There are MITSUI CENTERS around the world that use her proven techniques in heat therapy to treat fatigue, blood circulation problems, muscle stiffness, and Neuralgia. 

Excellent for relieving pain and symptoms of:

  • Skin disorders
  • Cancer
  • Muscle Strain
  • Joint Problems
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • Back Pain

KMW-2000 is manufactured in South Korea with all parts imported directly from MITSUI ONNETSU CORPORATION. The device has the exact same functionality as the OCN-K used at the Okinawa Cancer Treatment centers but at a lower cost. KMW-2000 is manufactured under license from MITSUI ONNETSU CORPORATION by HOHS ( In our clinic we use the KMW-2000 on all of our patients and we have found no difference in efficacy of treatment between this device and the OCN-K. However, we also carry the Japanese version, OCN-K as well for clients preferring a 100% Japanese device. 


FDA Registration of KMW-2000


The contents include the device, power cord, instructions (English), and a detailed treatment plan book from Tomeko Mitsui