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Mitsui Onnetsu Heat Therapy Device - KMW-2000

MITSUI ONNETSU Corporation was established in 1996 with the introducition of the highly successful MITSUI ONNETSUKI, founded by Ms. Tomeko Mitsui (1915~2001). To this day, there are MITSUI CENTERS around the world who use her proven techniques in heat therapy to treat fatigue, blood circulation problems, muscle stiffness, and Neuralgia. Annandale Acupuncture & Herbs is proud to endorse this product and offer it to customers.


Excellent for relieving pain and symptoms of:

  • Skin disorders
  • Cancer
  • Muscle Strain
  • Joint Problems
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • Back Pain


KMW-2000 is manufactured in South Korea with all parts imported directly from MITSUI ONNETSU CORPORATION. The device has the exact same functionality as the OCN-K used at the Okinawa Cancer Treatment centers but at a lower cost. KMW-2000 is manufactured under license from MITSUI ONNETSU CORPORATION by HOHS ( In our clinic we use the KMW-2000 on all of our patients and we have found no difference in efficacy of treatment between this device and the OCN-K. However, we also carry the Japanese version, OCN-K as well for clients preferring a 100% Japanese device. 


FDA Registration of KMW-2000


The contents include the device, power cord, instructions (English), and a detailed treatment plan book from Tomeko Mitsui