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Frequently Asked Questions...


Q: What are herbal liquid extracts?

A: Herbal liquid extracts are dried Chinese herbs placed in natural spring water brewed at extremely high temperatures under pressure to extract all characteristics of the herb in to a liquid form. Drinking this extract is much more effective than taking powder supplements. It is bitter and an acquired taste so please consult with Dr. Yu before deciding to try this supplemental medicine that has been in China/Korea for over 3,000 years.


Q: How is Alternative Therapy different from traditional Western therapy?

A: The biggest difference is that Alternative Therapy focuses on making your entire body healthier to combat whatever disorder or sickness you may have whereas Western therapy focuses on immediate chemical/physical treatment through anti-biotics, surgery, or other methods. Alternative therapy is much more effective for long term relief as the focus is on healing your body as a whole and not just one particular symptom.


Q: What is Mitsui Heat Therapy? Is it effective?

A: This is the latest treatment option that is being used at many institutions such as the renowned Okinawa Institute in Japan. It uses high-tech far-infrared technology to radiate heat below the skin surface to bring internal temperatures to it's ideal state. In so doing, it increases blood circulation, detoxifies cancerous cells, and improves your immune system. This treatment is highly recommended as a complement for all types of ailments.


Q: How is Natural Alternative Skincare different from what I would expect at the dermatologist?

A: Natural skincare uses the latest technology used by skin care centers along with traditional therapies such as acupuncture, herbal facials, and more. The combination of the two makes it so much more effective than simple skin care at spas and local beauty centers. What is unique to Annandale Acupuncture & Herbs is that Dr. Yu was trained in a technique of facial acupuncture developed by renowned Natural Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lee in South Korea. No other Acupuncturist in the Greater Washington, D.C. area is fully trained in this technique (although there are copies). Please see our skincare page for more information.


Q: Are there side-effects to alternative therapy?

A: As the human body is different from person to person, it would be impossible to say that all the treatments are free of side-effects. There will be some people that may be allergic to certain types of herbs just as they may be allergic to food such as peanuts. Likewise, as people have different skin types acupuncture and acupressure sessions may yield different results for both skincare and regular, traditional therapy. People with very sensitive bodies may develop light bruising that will normally go away in a few days. However, compared to Western medicine, side-effects are minimal and because everything is natural it does not cause other symptoms (i.e., taking the flu medicine for temporary relief only to develop a chronic cough afterwards).