Alterna Wellness Centers

Here's what our new patients had to say about us...

6/22/2019 p. im said:
"I don't write reviews, but felt the ABSOLUTE need to share my experience with the internet, especially if you are from the NoVA area. If you are looking for a quality acupuncture AND massage therapist, your search has ended here.

Reason for coming: Lower back pains (herniated disk)

Results: After 2-3 visits my back is back to normal. This is after an hour and half treatment, per visit.

Process: 30 min acupuncture treatment - 1 hr massage

Acupuncture: Dr. Yu is very kind and caring. You can sense that she genuinely cares about your issue and works efficiently to tackle the core issue that's causing the pain. Trust me. If you're looking for a acupuncturist who's EFFECTIVE, professional, and caring, she's it.

Masseuse: I'm pretty picky when it comes to massages. It usually needs to be appropriately aggressive, as I usually request for more pressure. Look no further, if you are looking for a legitimate masseuse, the gentlemen at this practice is your guy. Very effective."

5/18/2019 m.n. said:
"I recently found out about this place from my sister and she got the package. Been going for about a month. Friendly and clean place. Accupture and massage is awesome and is helping me alot. Thank you!"

1/8/2019 c. amy said:
"I came to Alterna for treatment for my neck and back pain. I found this to be a clean, friendly and welcoming facility-- and the combination of the acupuncture (very relaxing) and the acupressure (a bit painful during the procedure, but relieved SO much strain and pressure) was extremely restorative!  And the entire treatment was covered by my insurance (federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield).  I highly recommend Alterna!"

4/3/2017 y. elhady said:
"Dr. Yu is attentive and extremely talented. She is a wonderful acupuncturist who takes the time to care for her patients in a compassionate, understanding manner. I would highly recommend her services! She helped my breeched baby turn and helped accelerate my stalled labor. I am forever grateful."

1/3/2015 w. robinson said:
"The staff was great and went out their way to make sure that all customers were comfortable."

11/26/2014 m. zappala said:
"Great service very friendly and professional"

11/15/2014 j. homiak said:
"It wasn't the swankiest of places, but they know what they are doing and I'd go back for more acupressure."

11/19/2013 a. emerson said:
"Very professional"

11/19/2013 c. bialek said:
"I had Young and he was great"

11/8/2013 a. ferrari said:
"The deep tissue massage was terrific! I have been experiencing muscle pain in my legs and back. I am also recovering from a knee injury and I have been doing physical therapy and going to spin classes several times a week to try to improve the flexibility and reduce the swelling in my knee. After the massage, I feel so much better. I have less pain and I don't feel as stiff as I felt before. I will most definitely return to Annandale Acupuncture and Herbs for another session. I feel better than I have felt in weeks! "

10/3/2013 m. davis-smith said:
"this business will be added to my contact list"

10/2/2013 n. ahmed said:
"The service was great! The therapist was able to find my tough spots immediately and release tension in my back. I would go back again. "

9/23/2013 a. champagne said:
"The massage was a bit rough and painful...but it was supposed to be. My body has felt much more comfortable and my muscles much more loser after the treatment. I plan on going back for the acupuncture next time. Very comfortable place and friendly people."
9/23/2013 c. rivera said:
"Well trained staff. Accupressure was great. Feel fantastic !! "

9/17/2013 m. rafferty said:
"Annandale Acupuncture is NOT in Annandale. It is in Fairfax, Va. The massage was fantastic. The only reason I will not return is its hour drive from my home."

9/13/2013 j. shearer said:
"Just what I needed"

9/12/2013 s. webster said:
"Great massage!"

8/29/2013 t. jamaal said:
"Very professional and accommodating environment. "

8/27/2013 m. whitlock said:
"Fantastic massage. If looking for a Swedish, relaxing massage, this is not the place. They worked on the pressure points, helping to relieve tension and pain. I now feel very relaxed and the pain in my neck and shoulders is gone!"

8/26/2013 f. walden said:
"great, thorough massage...addressed all my aches"

8/8/2013 j. mccave said:
"Great service and experience, thank you"

8/6/2013 m. devitt said:
"Very accomodating. Adjusted pressure as needed. Continue to feel great as a result! They have flexible hours including the evening and weekends which is a real plus."

8/6/2013 l. son said:
"The staff were more than polite and truly went out of their way to make me comfortable. The reason I most likely won't return is because I like having quiet massages where I can rest. The masseuse I had was a bit chatty and I didn't get to relax not one bit. "

8/6/2013 b. velasco said:
"It was great the people are very friendly ."

8/6/2013 j. berthiaume said:
"Whether you need acupuncture, herbal cures or an amazing massage, they have it all. Always a fantastic experience!"

8/2/2013 m. kowalczyk said:
"Best $40 ever spent. "

7/20/2013 s. sagar said:
"70 minutes of bliss; very relaxing."

7/16/2013 j. hogan said:
"The massage therapy was so much more effective than any other massage that I have ever had. "