Alterna Wellness Centers

Alterna Wellness Centers is a proud consumer and retailer of General Bio ( products. General Bio is a Certified B-Corporation and aligns with our philosophy of corporate social and environmental responsibility standards. All products are natural, non-scented, and safe for patients of all skin types to apply and consume. Examples of products that areĀ used and prescribed as part of the many treatment plans from General Bio at our clinic are listed below.

Compound K

Compound K is the final metabolite of Ginseng Saponin, reported to have neuroprotective and cognition enhancing effects while decreasing inflammatory biomarkers. It has a plethora of potential health benefits and multiple studies have demonstrated its effectiveness to exert bioactive functions in the body. At Alterna Wellness Centers, Compound K is used in many treatment plans ranging from Migraines to other neurodegenerative diseases.

CareCella Natural Products

All CareCella products have been approved by Dermatest GmbH, the leading global research institute for cosmetics. At Alterna Wellness Centers, our CareCella services include VNUS PEELING, Growth Factor Complex Facials, Hydration Facials, Brightening Facials, and more.