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It can be frustrating when you have to eat artificially manufactured foods, maintain a painful exercise schedule, or worse-- starve in order to lose weight. What's even more upsetting is when you've actually lost weight but your underarm, hips, thighs, and belly remain the same size. Many diet programs and food control packages that are currently in the market can actually harm your health and only provide short-term weight loss. You may have lost 20 pounds, but it may not necessarily be in an area of your body that you actually want those pounds to come off from. Other than surgical procedure or targeted exercise, this is extremely difficult to do.


However, at Annandale Acupuncture & Herbs, this is exactly what our program is geared to do. While providing an excellent combination of liquid herbal extracts to boost your metabolism, immune system, and overall health, we use both modern and traditional techniques to help you lose weight in areas of your body where it actually matters.



Combining traditional acupuncture, Meridian Lipo Laser, and Peps II electrotherapy cavitation techniques, Dr. Yu provides the most comprehensive and effective natural weight loss program in the area.

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